Thursday, September 5, 2013

Oz: The Great and Powerful Title Sequence

In a fairly amusing, yet still entertaining callback to the original "Wizard of Oz", director Sam Raimi chose to set the title sequence of 2013's "Oz: The Great and Powerful" in a 4:3 box (unlike the widescreen standard that we have today), in black and white and with music that seems to reflect the original style of movies from the time, at least in part. (Thanks to Danny Elfman, of course. I was almost expecting to see 'directed by Tim Burton' towards the end, there.)

Either way, the visuals reflect the classic tone that Raimi seemed to be going for, with stage props and mechanical special effects playing out in both the background and foreground. It reminds you explicitly that "The Wizard of Oz" was created in a time without the fantastical computerized special effects that we have at our disposal today. (Although, ironically, this entire title sequence appears to be created digitally. So it's a bit of a symbolic nod to the special effects of yore than anything.)

Do you think it was effective? Does this opening sequence sufficiently put you in the mindset that this movie, indeed, wants to take you back to both Kansas and Oz?

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