Saturday, September 21, 2013

Kung Fu Panda - Ending Sequence

Better video:

Done by Shine, a creative design studio in Los Angeles, in close collaboration with James Baxter Animation, who were responsible for the opening sequence, and DreamWorks Animation, Kung Fu Panda's ending credits sequence is a great example of simple, yet effective motion graphics. While the sheer graphical awe may not be present in this sequence, the aesthetics are phenomenal, evoking imagery of Chinese manuscripts and scrolls through the horizontal scrolling, kanji stamped on the screen, and old-style fonts.

There was a lot of visual research done for Kung Fu Panda, said Raymond Zibach, the production designer, and Tang Kheng Heng, the art director. According to them, most of the visuals in this ending sequence are actually concept designs of the characters from the movie, so they were able to make use of them, instead of just having references for the actual 3D models in the movie.

It flows extremely well. The screen moves slowly throughout the colored concept art, with parallax. Kanji are painted on the background. The colors are all warm, and the art style is consistent with Chinese paintings. Without a doubt, these aesthetics were thought about to great extent, and the result is a pleasant feeling credits sequence accentuated by fantastic music in a Chinese style.

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