Friday, September 27, 2013

This week I decided to look at some audio visualization videos, because of what we did in class on Thursday. I think audio visualization is a really interesting art form for a few reasons. The main reason I think that is because audio visualization is a really weird and complex blend of both random and calculated factors. You have the ability to control what you want the audio to control and how you want it to be controlled, but you don't really know what the final product will be. this can and does lead to a lot of unique art. The first video accompanying this post contains some clips from some different audio visualizations. I think some of these are really neat, the third one in particular. The first one is a really good example of how you can mesh controlled and non controlled factors.

This next video is another example of intricate and varied art of this kind can be. It's also a really cool blend of controlled and "randomized" factors. I really liked this video because it doesn't really rely on colors as much as other audio visualizers do. The shapes and shadows are also a really cool aspect of this video.

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