Friday, March 7, 2014

Adventure Time, Regular Show are the Best FO SHO

Okay, so I think I've posted on here already about how I love Adventure Time. It's mix of beautiful colors, dark narrative, and alluring composition never ceases to draw me in. It has this ability to draw you into your television set (or computer screen) and sort of suck you into this post-apocalyptic universe in the future. For a little bit of background on the show, (for those of you who aren't familiar with it) it takes place on a future Earth, in which all humans have been turned into creatures created from radioactive fallout, due to "The Mushroom War." Ironically, you don't even know this until late into the show when the writers decide to start dropping hints. I was watching a random interview with Pendleton Ward, who acts as creator, one of the writers, voice over actor for Lumpy Space Princess, and occasional composer. It's a very cool interview, and we get a peak at how one of the lead designers goes about drawing all of the characters in Photoshop. Check it!

Another show that I'm also very into is "Regular Show." Created by J.G Quintel, it is yet another show in which humans characteristics are put into the forms of ridiculous creatures. This video takes you inside of Cartoon Network studios as Quintel shows you the perfect formula for creating a story, and the offices in which his team work. It's really cool to see all the rooms in which these shows are written and animated!

Also, here is a short animation from Quintel that he created while in film school. It is important to notice while watching, (obviously everything is hand drawn) but to see how similar his beginning work is from the show that is currently on Cartoon Network. One of the reasons I really like the show is that it contains a very trademark style that is Quintel's own.

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