Friday, March 21, 2014


I'm nearly done with my Rotoscope/Green Screen project and have been thinking about my name project lately. I found this McDonalds commercial on youtube that shows a good use of typography. Typography creation is a really creative way to advertise and entertain viewers. In this specific example the creator plays with the words and how it appears. For example the word BIG is bigger next to the surrounding words. Same is done with the word tiny, it appears smaller next to the surrounding words.
What is the purpose of typography? Well this technique draws in the attention of viewers and allows you to put an emphasis on what really matters in your advertisement. The purpose is to also give a clear understanding of what the product is. From this commercial I got right away that I could get a flavorful sandwich from McDonalds at a very low price.

This commercial is a bit different from the previous one. Pepsi uses it's logo in place of the letter "O" and "0"
Another great way to advertise is to put your logo in every possible location. This makes it extremely easy for viewers to remember your logo.

To see more cool examples click Here.

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