Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Tutorial For Everything

So many of us know of the popular Andrew Kramer, who gives us tutorials on Video Copilot. He gives you a lot of tutorials, but I find myself looking for more and different tutorials. So I wanted to share some another website that I have found that contain more tutorials. So that you can have them for any project.

The first website is called Motion Works. Based in Sydney Australia, John Dickinson is a cutting-edge motion graphics artist who is in demand. As Senior Broadcast Designer at Foxtel (, ambassador and presenter for Adobe Australia, John delivers highly creative yet commercially relevant motion graphics solutions. With Motionworks, John combines 15 years of industry experience with a proven teaching ability to provide high quality learning resources that encourage and challenge participants to break through to new levels of excellence and impact in their work.

This picture is from his Sparkling Rays tutorial. 
This is a picture from his Drifting Smoke tutorial.

There are also so many different tutorials that can be found on Youtube.

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