Friday, March 14, 2014

RIO 2!

Rio was an animated kids movie that was released back in 2011. The story line is about a rare species of bird, named Blu, that was a very comfortable in his pet like lifestyle and pampering. Blu was thought to be one of the only few of his kind along with another bird named Jewel. Blu and his owner fly to Rio where Jewel and her owner live so the birds can breed. Long story short, the birds almost get stolen, escape from the thieves, fall in love and return to their owners. The movie is cute and comedic for all ages. The characters are all voiced by some pretty well known funny people like; Jamie Foxx, Ann Hathaway and Jesse Eisenberg to name a few.
This coming April, the sequel is going to be released and I am way too excited. The rare lover birds have kids now and are on their way to find more of their kind! I think all the colors and the animation in the movies are very impressive. I would say that this is one movie that is going to take children's animated films up a notch! Twentieth Century Fox Animation and Blue Sky Studios collaborated for both films and have made some amazing work.

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