Friday, March 28, 2014

Clever Coventry

Last month, Coventry University's Residential Life department released an interview video of multiple students like no other done before. Short Malone, who created all the animations, really wanted to capture the college with the animations. Each scene is a animated replication of parts of the campus. What is really neat is the characters embody the scene as well. These real life testimonies are paired with wacky animations to make the video entertaining and educational. 
The creators wanted to make the video in a color blind point of view. Color blind as in blind to racial profiling, the creators wanted to make everyone in the video equal so they did not give much emphasis to the color or gender of the characters. This mix of equality and animation made a great video that expressed the college's "everyone is equal" ideology. 
Overall this video is a perfect way to catch the eye of incoming students for the college thus a great example of how animation can be used in not only entertainment purposes but in educational purposes. 

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