Thursday, March 6, 2014

Green Screens!!!!

Chroma keying is more commonly used then we actually think. When watching television I typically think "oh yeah they shot that on location" when in reality they did not, they just shot footage on a green screen and threw a background on it ( not as easy as it sounds). Aside from movies though,  another common place that uses a green screen is the weather studio.
The weather is never actually on the screen when the weather man/woman is pointing.
So how do they know where they're pointing? There are several screens placed on every side of the person giving the weather. This video does a good job explaining how it works in a news studio.

Benefits to green screens:

Saves a lot of time
- Finding the perfect location to get a scene done alone can take days.
- Setting up all the equipment also takes a lot of time.
- Lighting a scene perfectly can also take up a lot of time. Shooting outdoors can get tricky because of the ambient light from the sun.

Easy to work with
-You can easily throw on different backgrounds
-Branding for a company becomes easier
-You always re-use different interviews or clips

Here's another video that talks about the pros and cons of green screens in greater detail.

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