Friday, March 21, 2014

Spare Change?

I realized after watching a video in my Field Production class how few movies nowadays are truly just film. I never knew how much of the movies were a product of post-production. From a technological standpoint, I think that's amazing. But from a "the times they are a changin' " viewpoint, it's scary!

So much nowadays is made in post-production, from color correction to entire CGI scenes. This all developed over such a short period of time, too. In maybe ten years, with the ever-accelerating advanced-ness of special effects, I can see entire movies being made entirely in CGI, without the use of actors. Even now, when humans are made in CGI to look real they look a bit creepy. But in ten years, that probably won't be the case. Humans will be created in CGI flawlessly. Sooner or later, Hollywood won't need actors anymore. There will be a huge shift in the film and television industry. IT will greatly benefit the industry itself but anyone with the dream of making it big in acting will be shit out of luck.

Then the robots will take over the world. But that's another story.

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