Thursday, April 9, 2015

Animation in The Prisoner or: How I planned to Kill Tony Blair

Recently I was shown this film by Yunis Abbas with the lens of looking at the animation and if animation belongs in Documentaries. A medium where the pursuit of truth is a priority and a part of the definition. The film is very powerful and follows Yunis Abbas, a journalist in Iraq, and his experiences in dealing with Suddam Hussein and the U.S. Military. Oddly enough his experiences were strikingly similar. The revolutionary idea was if animation, an art form of complete bias of the creator's imagination, could be combined with, observational footage in pursuit of the truth on a subject matter. In my opinion the answer is, "it depends." Animation in a documentary should always be secondary to the subject, only clarifying what's going on. They use a lot of wonderful animation in this film, sometime it's overzealous, but other times incredibly insightful in helping us to fully perceive Yunis's experiences.

Here is the trailer:

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