Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Batman '66 Cartoon

In recent years, Batman has taken on a much grittier, more serious persona with the Nolan Batman films and the Arkham video games. However, for a large generation, Batman was defined by the campy television series in the mid-sixties lead by Adam West and Burt Ward. Next year will mark the fiftieth anniversary of that television series, and DC has decided to celebrate by producing an animated feature film focusing on the batman universe in the television show. DC most recently had a comics run featuring West's rendition of the classic character, and are building upon that.

The new feature has confirmed voice acting from both West and Ward, as well as a few of the original cast from the sixties, including former Catwoman Julie Newmar. I'm very excited to see how this fits in with the number of batman films that are being produced over the next few years!

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