Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Whip

The Whip has been a staple of KickTV programming since its launch in 2012 and the host of that show has been the amazing Rachel Bonnetta. Today Bonnetta announced that she would be doing her last Whip ever and decided that the best way to give a farewell would be to "Periscope" her final recording. This offered and insight behind the scenes of The Whip and how it was made. Basically Rachel stands in front of a massive green screen and talks about all the crazy soccer videos on the web that week. In her words, after she records they send the footage off to people who can "do magic with it." Well this is a lot simpler than she thinks. All it takes is a little bit of masking and a few quick settings to get everything in there thats needed. The hard part is organizing it all and making it look good and corollate to what she is saying. However, this behind the scenes look was very interesting because it showed how many of KickTVs videos are produced and what goes into them, which not many people get to see. I highly recommend checking out any of their content, and if you can watch Rachels' farewell to The Whip on Periscope. Here is a sample of one of The Whip videos to show exactly what I was talking about.

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