Monday, November 16, 2015

2D animation's recent resurgence

So if you're a well adjusted socially capable human being, unlike myself, you may not have known that 2D flash animation has recently made a rather remarkable comeback on the internet. What is Flash Animation? Oh how I envy the social status you have to allow you to be unaware of the wild and sometimes awful world that was the internet during the early 90's. But that's beside the point. Flash animation is, as the name implies, animation created by the program adobe flash. Back when the internet was still in it's relative infancy, these flash animations grew to enormous popularity as the file sizes were small enough to be sent through terrible dial up connections with relative ease. Soon sites that hosted and streamed these flashes like became some of the most trafficked youth online. However as the internet improved over the years and live action content was able to be hosted more reliably, this surge of animated content died down almost over night.

With the popularity of let's players on the rise this 2D animation has seen a wonderful resurgence. People with varying ranges of talent are taking to animating some of their favorite moments from different let's play series, and the results are actually fairly entertaining. I'll leave below a few of my favorites just to show you how there is some real talent connected to this endeavor. If you're ever looking for a quick shot of web popularity and don't mind putting in the time 2D flash animation is not a terrible way to go.

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