Sunday, November 15, 2015

How the Director of 'Peanuts' Created a 3D Charlie Brown

The new Peanuts  movie is definitely an animation classic as it brings an an age old blockbuster animation into the 21st century. The new animation is fantastic, particularly the animation of the main character, Charlie Brown. Creating Charlie Brown's head was one of the biggest challenges for the animators as they wanted his profiles to be different from the front view of his head. They eventually succeed as the front view of Charlie Brown has his hair in a loop, meanwhile, from the side view it was shaped more as a candy cane.

It was quite a time consuming process to create Charlie Brown's head, along with the other characters. One of the animators goes in detail about the process, as he said "We modeled them for each perspective [roughly six models per character, including the front and side views] and then wrote software to allow the animators to transition these separate models together to help them move. The style [of the classic animated cartoons] also is more akin to holding the pose and 'snapping' [to the next pose]."

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