Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fabricating the Flash

The Flash is quickly becoming one of CW's most popular shows and it's easy to see why. As an avid Flash fan, the show is fun and witty and gives me just the right amount of Flash to fulfill my DC Comics craving. The people who are responsible for creating the Flash, though, haven't really gotten the credit that they deserve.

The company that creates the VFX for Flash and also edits it, is Encore Hollywood, but more specifically Encore VFX and Encore Post. This article goes into more depth about how they construct the Flash and how he is given his "trademark blu." There are plenty of other videos that breakdown the VFX in the show.

It's definitely worth the read and the show is definitely something that is worth watching, in my completely 100% unbiased opinion (ok, maybe a little biased).

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