Thursday, November 5, 2015

Lost Disney Animation From 1920s Discovered

Film archivists in London just rediscovered a long-lost Walt Disney animated film "Sleigh Bells" from 1928 that features Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, who was the prototype for the legendary Mickey Mouse. Oswald was created by Walt Disney himself in 1927, and was loved for his mischievous and rebellious personality. 

The animation was buried away in the national archive of the British Film Institute. The animation itself is six minutes long and was feared to be lost forever as it has not been seen since it's 1928 release.  However, a researcher browsing the BFI catalogue came across the film as they were looking for lost Disney titles and recognized the words Sleigh Bells. It is very easy for a short to get lost as there are around 1million items in the archive.

 The film has now been restored by Walt Disney Animation Studios and will get it's world premiere at BFU in London next month. To watch a snippet of the short click here.

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