Friday, November 20, 2015

Glen Faught

A few weeks back, I was granted the opportunity to travel to Minneapolis, Minnesota for the College Broadcaster's Awards and Conference. While there, I attended a number of workshops on broadcast and media related expertise, animation being one of the many topics covered. Glen Faught, a freelance graphics artist and motion designer at Target (Minneapolis is the corporate headquarters for the brand), led one of these sessions where he walked students through the process in creating some of his latest projects using After Effects and Cinema 4D.

Below are examples of some of the work he has done for Target.

As simplistic as they seem, I find them to be quite eye-catching. Additionally, these are some examples of small projects he's done in his free time. 

Throughout his tutorials, Glen stressed the importance  of creating content simply to have on the web for people to see. He recommends keeping a blog. The number of reblogs you get on a post can potentially be the livelihood of your craft. He explained that a good deal of his freelance work comes from people on the internet who have some across his work and appreciated it enough to give him a call. I don't know what I imagined that path of an animation career might be, but I certainly never considered gif making to be the key in. Glen, however, would definitely disagree.

Find more of his cool work here (also run by Glen) has some great tutorial references as well. 

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