Thursday, November 5, 2015

Consider this, don't text and drive.

Inspiration is an important thing. As a kid, I believed that Rhett and Link were definitely good places to draw some energy and it's honestly true; if I hadn't listened to little Jules, I wouldn't have anything to write about right now. Either way, this pair made a video basically rapping about why texting while driving is bad. And it is. So good for them. Either way, I enjoy the aesthetic of the video and wanted to point out some more specific things. I really like that even though they could've easily used a green screen for the movement behind them, they decided to go with what appears to be just a screen and projector. They also just flash some crazy-ass lights every now and again and that's pretty cool, too. I also like how casual the little text animations are on the video itself because the whole video almost shouts 'look at me; none of me was done in post' when a lot of things were clearly done. Anyway, take a look.

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