Saturday, March 31, 2012

Evan Seitz

Below is a short 30 second video made by motionographer Evan Seitz that takes 13 famous lines from movies and incorporated them into short animations. I could only figure out about half of these movies, how many can you guys get?

After watching this unique video, I checked out Seitz's page on Vimeo. There is definitely a very distinct style in his work. It pairs together the act of motion graphics with a storybook feel to it. When watching his reel, you can see that a lot of the projects look like a paper stop motion, or a comic book. Throughout the reel, it is interesting to see how peoples skills can vary and how much your style will change depending on the client and the message you are trying to emit. Especially how it differs from an educational or informative animation to one based off of a television show. Animation allows you to easily access different feelings and reaction from your audience that just videography might not allow you to.

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