Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pierre Michel

While I was online searching for really interesting videos to green screen myself in, I kind of got distracted when I came across a visual effects artist Pierre Michel. One of my roommates told me about him and suggested I look at some of his work. In each of the different videos he uses after effects, photoshop, and other After Effects plug-ins to create this intense short 3D animations.

On his Vimeo and Youtube channels he has numerous videos to watch and check out. My one favorite would definitely by the one labeled "Polar." I was really impressed by the entire three dimensional world that he created and especially the usage of the rain and how it is used to transition to different angles and scenes within the video itself.

 Also another video of his that you may want to look at would be his piano animation:
and last but not least would be his most recent video "Fireflower." Pierre Michel describes this video as "an abstract vision of sensuality with hints of alchemical mysticism." Like many of the other videos that I have watched from Michel this one focuses on intense texture and color. ENJOY!  

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