Thursday, March 15, 2012


hitRECord is a an artist collaboration project started by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The company consists of thousands of professional and amateur contributors who send in anything from a film to a song to a poem to the website, they also have a tumblr where they feature many of the works that have come in to the website. If something does make money (or is featured in a book they put out) they split the commission with the person who sent it in, whoever that may be. It really is a just a huge community of artists working together and getting their creations out there.

Occasionally they will send out requests for a particular field to help them which could be a huge step for someone who is just getting started. The youtube channel shows a lot of these and I noticed that many of them did call for an animator (even though most of them are pretty old, you could keep an eye on it, it seems to update about once a week).

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  1. An interesting example of what people are coming up with as alternative production modes that are more entrepreneurial in nature. I am a strong believer in like minded people coming together and launching their own initiative. This seems like a fun and maybe profitable way of doing it. Although you could join a work in progress which would be a good experience, you can also start a new collaboration or "record" as they call it, why not?