Saturday, March 3, 2012

The ZoomQuilt

Through the years of my surfing the internet I have come across many websites like It is a simple concept of continuously zooming through a picture and never stopping. Some of them tell stories as you move from picture to picture and others just give you a lot to look at. They have always fascinated me and now it is really cool to know that I could make my own with a little help from After Effects.

I did a little research on these types of works and it seems that "Gridcosm" was one of the first to introduce a continuous zoom through art. Gridcosm started in 1997 and since then over 300 different artists have contributed to make more than 3400 layers. I recommend that you go to the website and click on "random layer" a couple times just to see what you will find in this behemoth of art work.

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