Sunday, March 25, 2012

Music Videos & After Effects

I decided to post some music videos that i found that were made with after effects. 
 This first one is by a man named Luis Aguirre for the song Look after you by The Fray.  The whole world in the music video was created with after effects, which i thought was very impressive.  The only things not created in after effects were the birds and the 3D characters.  its a shame that the project got cut before making it to the air.
This video is pretty cool.  I choose this video because they show you the original footage underneath the edited version.  They tell you the effects that they used in the shots throughout.  This is NOT the actual music video.
This is another music video created and composted completely in after effects.  I really like the sun flares, the smoke, and the sky in this video.  The clouds and smoke look very real.  I also like the camera movement going up and down throughout the shots.

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