Monday, March 12, 2012

Whoops...Last Week's Blog

So I meant to post this for last week's post but with the packing and traveling for spring break, I just seemed to forget. However, I hope this can still count as last weeks blog, and I will be more than happy to post more over break.

Anyway, after handing in my first project before break, which was an animation for my production company, I continued to think of different way to enhance it and make it better. The original starts out with a silhouetted  figure running out of frame and has the words "Driven Productions" carve out of the wall behind the individual. Here is the actual video, so you may have an idea of what I am talking about:

However, the music ends abruptly and I wanted to add a little something extra. For example, having the entire wall explode afterwards and then have the words "Driven Productions" appear behind the exploding wall that will be shining or glowing, just to give the entire opening a more of a "bang" ending. This is one video I saw that I am going to try and recreate for the wall exploding.

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