Saturday, March 10, 2012


I love StumbleUpon, and it's mostly because I can randomly find amazing videos like this. I Stumbled onto this experimental short film this morning, which recently won some awards at Sundance.

At first, I wasn't that impressed by what I was seeing. But once the fabric and string started to grow over the women's faces, I realized that this film was much more complex than I originally thought. And then at the end, when the men's faces start to deteriorate into sand and then explode, I was amazed. The special effects that they did were so complex, and I looks like a lot of work went into creating this film.

One the same page as the film, there was a short video showing some of the behind the scenes of making this movie. They don't explain anything, but I gave me a better idea of what the filmmakers had to do. Watching the sand was particularly interesting.


  1. I saw this as well. My favorite part is when their faces turn into sand and sink like an hour glass. Is that done through simply compositing a top down video of an hour glass onto their faces with some advanced masking or is that a 3D effect?

  2. The sand effect is done with real sand and composited. You can see that in the behind-the-scenes video on Vimeo. Very interesting mix of real and 3D/compositing