Thursday, March 22, 2012

Green Screen From Your Phone

If you don't mind a much lower quality version of a green screen, you can get it right from your iphone with the Green Screen Movie FX app. As long as you're standing in front of a solid colored background, the app will be able to transmit a moving background behind you, or a video of your own if you upload it. It is similar to the application on photo booth where you can put yourself in space or on the beach but with the iphone app, you can control the chroma keys to create a more realistic video and then upload it online.

While it is far from perfect, it might be a useful tool if you are working with a green screen and you have uploaded the background in order to determine where to place your actors to get a clean final product when you import the real thing. Or helpful when trying to pick a background to use, to see which one would look best with the lighting you have.

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