Sunday, March 4, 2012

Range Rover TV spot

Ugh. I can absolutely never get these in on Saturdays, my apologies. Anyways, I saw this Range Rover ad on TV and thought it was a nice use of motion graphics in a sea of bland, boring SUV advertisements. I like being able to note the things I've worked with on big TV ads, like wiggle, particle generators, motion blur, etc. There's no shortage of awesome examples of this stuff everywhere I look, which is great to see because motion graphics jobs seem to be more plentiful and in-demand than standard camera-based production work. I have wanted to learn After Effects and compositing since before college and am sort of pissed at myself that I didn't pick it up earlier, but now's my chance. For my project, I'm working on a production company intro/outro for a weekly CollegeHumor-style video shorts thing I'm doing with a few friends, and the part at 18 seconds in the range rover video was sort of what I was imagining for it, a bunch of floating, glowing orbs that either assemble into the logo or flyby the camera with the logo on them. We'll see what I can and can't figure out how to do...

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