Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Monster in Paris

    I just watched this movie this weekend and really enjoyed it! The story is very simple and sweet it follows two friends Raoul and Emile who get into a little trouble whilst making a delivery to the Botanical Gardens. Due to the absence of the professor who usually runs the place, the two friends let curiosity get the best of them and wreck havoc on the garden creating the mysterious Francoeur (a fly turned humanoid with an incredible musical ability) and the plot develops.
     The entire is movie is filled with absolutely beautiful graphics. The colors and the artistic choices I feel are definitely unique to the movie. There are scenes where you get this beautiful washed look, it is almost like you are looking at a very detailed watercolor. If i could explain the animation and graphics in one word for this movie it would be, elegant.
    I'm actually really surprised that this movie didn't do much better in the box office and didn't become an international success. I think a lot of it had to do with their marketing strategies because I know I had not heard about this movie through any medium. The only way i discovered this gem was through word of mouth (which is effective and says something about the power of the movie but its much harder to reach a vast audience when you solely depend on that).
    Oh I also forgot to mention that the music is INCREDIBLE I  think you will notice that in the above clip...

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