Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Smallest the Biggest and the Best

After watching Rebecca's very cool stop-motion animation, a medium I really love, I though I would post a few samples.

This one is supposedly the tiniest stop motion animation. I am a big fan of stop motion and have worked on many, so I can tell how precise and time consuming it must have been. But it is cool. Enjoy

This one made with Nokia phones as part of a campaign is though to be the biggest stop motion. I think it is an interesting exercise but not as effective as a final film. What do you think?

Finally, of course, we have to always go back to the masters, which in turn learned from other giants of the field.
Some of my favorite stop motion artists are the Brothers Quay. Their films are among the most haunting that I've ever seen. They have a dream like quality that resides permanently in your psyche. Very powerful storytellers. They in turn learned form Ray Harryhausen , Jan Švankmajer  and Jiří Trnka among others all of whom you should seek and know their work. They are history at its best.

Here is a short sample of  Quay's films, you can find their work and that of the others mentioned above at our film library:

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