Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lyric Videos and Motion Graphics

I've noticed that lately a lot of musicians are releasing "lyric videos"of their new songs. Sometimes they're interesting and set to footage of the band, and sometimes they're simply lyrics of the song on the screen set to the music.

I found one lyric video recently that used the same kind of pop-up style we saw in one of Arturo's films in class. The video is by Taylor Swift for her new single, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" and it came out a week before the actual music video. While the song isn't one of my favorites, I really like the animation of the lyrics and how they're constantly moving and changing. The transitions are really cool, and they're something I aspire to learn this semester in class.

Another lyrics video that I like and think is really interesting in terms of graphics is by a band called All Time Low. The song is called "For Baltimore" and it's from their new album, Don't Panic that's going to be released in early October. This lyric video combines footage of the band with animation, which I thought was really cool, especially how I recognized some of the expressions from After Effects (the wiggling letters!).

With lyric videos becoming more and more popular, I think they'll present a good example for us as we endeavor to learn After Effects. After watching both of these I kind of want to try and make my own lyric video for one of my favorite songs, and hopefully sometime soon I'll have enough free time to give it a try.


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