Sunday, September 2, 2012

Welcome to AE

      I must say I am very excited to dig deeper into After Effects!  The first time I used the program was probably around three years ago.  During this time I was really into the video game Call of Duty 4, and I often liked to make videos of gameplay.  This is actually how I ended up wanting to pursue a career in the editing world because of how much fun it was to arrange clips, color correct, and tons more.  To further expand on what I knew of post production, I decided to try out After Effects.  What really appealed to me about After Effects was a plug in for it called Twixtor.  This plug in allows for super slow motion while still being able to retain quality.  You can see an application of it below.

      I also liked After Effects for all the neat text effects and video introductions that it can produce.  I remember one time I took text and made it dissipate into bits of sand.  The ability to produce these otherwise nearly impossible graphics goes to show how powerful After Effects is.  How even an amateur with a tutorial can create things of the caliber of a professional studio is why I think After Effects is perhaps the best Adobe application out today.

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