Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stop Motion is AWESOME

So I know a lot of you guys have probably seen this video before but it still gets me every time.  Stop Motion truly leaves me in awe.

My absolute favorite part of the video is when he is cutting one thing and it magically turns into dice as soon as the knife hits the cutting board.  If you were not paying attention to the fact that he is using things like grenades and baseballs to make guacamole, you would think it was a cooking tutorial.

It has great comedic timing and sounds effects.  The colors are absolutely brilliant and the picture is unbelievable.  This video has inspired me to make a short film with stop motion.  Now I just need to know where to start.

In class we are learning all about title sequences.  However, I hope that we can learn how to create a stop motion short film using the wonders of After Effects.  I love the convergence of art technologies.

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