Tuesday, September 4, 2012

At the Moulin Rouge, You'll Have Fun...

When I was in tenth grade, I decided I really wanted to go into the film industry. I'd always had an interest in film and photography, but it was when I rented Moulin Rouge that I really decided film was something I wanted to do. Even though it's not the most conventional favorite movie, it has been my favorite for years. I think the way it's edited and its use of mise-en-scen is amazing. As an editor, the fast pace and unusual style of the film is something I really admire. And the general appearance, with its use of color and camera movement, there is really no comparison. It’s so unlike every other movie that I appreciate it so much more.  And interestingly enough, Moulin Rouge is a part of a trilogy of films called “The Red Curtain Trilogy” all of which were directed by the incomparable Baz Luhrmann. Spanning over ten years, the Red Curtain Trilogy is composed of Strictly Ballroom (1992), Romeo + Juliet (1996), and Moulin Rouge (2001). While the trilogy is referred to as a trilogy, the films are all independent and do not share a storyline. Baz refers to his first three films as thus because of the similar style in which they were made. They all used a similar fast editing style combined with a vivid use of color, but their individual plots and characters are all dazzlingly unique.
Overall, Moulin Rouge is a fantastic, powerful, and vibrant film that you should most definitely check out.

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