Friday, April 8, 2016

PowerPuff Girls are Back! (Yay kinda?)

Remember the PowerPuff Girls? If I remember correctly, it was a spectacular cartoon that was super girl-power oriented and amazing! Well, the PowerPuff Girls was rebooted by Cartoon Network and a couple episodes were released and I was a bit apprehensive when it came to watching them.
I figured this reboot would end up like the Teen Titans one, basically like every other show on Cartoon Network that makes fart jokes. The other problem with the Teen Titans reboot is also the fact that they really lost what the Teen Titans were really about, fighting crime and saving the city against whatever aggressor.
However I was actually pleasantly surprised with the PowerPuff Girls reboot. The animators attempted to preserve as much of the essence of the original PowerPuff Girls as possible, and yes the voice actors are different and the show does contain one too many fart jokes, the essence of the original PowerPuff Girls is still present (at least I'm my opinion and by present I mean I still feel the aesthetic and core values of the original in the reboot)

Anyways! Possibly the greatest thing to come from this reboot is the PowerPuff Yourself! It’s super fun and delightfully nostalgic!

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