Thursday, April 14, 2016

Weird Internet Animations

asdfmovie is by far, one of my favorite weird internet animated videos of all time. Simple, completely out of context, and hilarious. Animation and comedy seem to go hand in hand every time.

The asdfmovies were written by Thomas "TomSka" Ridgewell, a British comedy writer. His comedy is typically dark and random. The asdfmovies are comprised of short animated sketches. Tom gained a large following after the popularization of his first asdfmovie (2008) and has released a total of nine to date (the most recent one was released August 7, 2015).

Tom releases other types of videos on his channel as well, yet most of them are comedic sketches and animated shorts. Another one of my favorites from his channel is Rock Bottom (uploaded in 2012), a short sketch about two guys living in a house that falls off a cliff and sinks to the bottom of the ocean. The short video pokes fun at the comedy used in many sitcoms. If you want a good laugh, I recommend watching this one. It's only one minute long.

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