Thursday, April 14, 2016

Kickstarter and Animation

Something I've been noticing recently is that more and more people are choosing to use websites like Kickstarter to fund their films. Several of these in the past year have been animated films. The problem with this is that if the project doesn't get funded it usually fades away, but if it does it tends to bring a moderate amount of success.

One example of this was earlier this year Don Bluth and Gary Goldman attempted to raise money for a Dragon's Lair film. These animators have made some beautiful films in the past including An American Tale and Anastasia. They also were responsible for the Dragon's Lair video game. However their campaign wasn't funded in time and since then I have seen little to no news about it.

A successful example that happened quite recently was a Kickstarter for an animated TV series based on the Wingfeather books. I had never heard of these books, but I am excited to see where the animated series will lead. It was also amazing to see how in a short period of time they raised over $250,000.

The use of the online community is something that I think will become much more prevalent in the future, than using loans or some other way of generating cash inflow. It is also an amazing way for the fans to become apart of the process. The incentives they give away are usually very fun, and the more money you give the better the incentives. For the Wingfeather if you donated enough you could be visited by various members of the production team.

The use of Kickstarter and other internet funding websites is incredibly intriguing and I can not wait to see how people use its power in the future to create films that they want to make.

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