Thursday, April 7, 2016

I'm the bad guy

I'm pretty sure that I've posted clips from this show before, but I have found another clip that I've become obsessed with.  Recently, Craig McCraken's Disney Cartoon, "Wander over Yonder," released a musical episode, which seems pretty common for a children's cartoon.  However, this special was very striking, because McCraken stated that the animation budget was doubled for the one episode, making everything look incredibly smooth and fluid.  One scene from the episode that stuck with me was a song sung by the awesome Villainess, Lord Dominator.  Not only does she have a beautiful voice, but her flexible, and seductive movement made the entire scene irresistible to fall in love with.  Watch it below:
From her hip swinging, to her slow dancing, the high budget animation makes the entire scene shine, allowing Dominator to melt our hearts, as well as strike fear in them.
Pay attention, animators.  This is what a musical episode should look like!

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