Thursday, April 14, 2016

World's Largest Stop Motion Film


Gulp is the world's largest stop motion film. It was shot on a Nokia N8 phone to showcase the abilities of the phone's camera (The world's smallest stop motion was also shot on a Nokia N8).

While the animation on its own is already impressive, the making of video shows just how much work went into the film.

A lot of the animators were used to shooting in a stable indoor environment, but because they had to shoot on a beach they encountered a lot of new challenges. Because they are using drawings in the sand to create a good portion of the animation, they have to be really careful about not letting the sand get swept away by the changing tides. Time also becomes an issue, as lighting is completely different at night. In the making of video, they talk about how they had to bring in lighting on cranes.

Gulp- The making of

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