Thursday, April 14, 2016

Rew Day

Rew Day is a short animated film directed by Svilen Dimitrov, a Bulgarian filmmaker. The short revolves around the unfortunate events that take place over the course of a day in the life of our main character. What makes Rew Day interesting is that it plays the entire day backwards.

The film starts off with a man quietly sitting near a pier. The scene goes on for a few minutes while the scene changes slightly over time. Out of nowhere, the man falls to his face and starts bleeding on the ground. This may seem more like the end of a story rather than the beginning, which is exactly the point. The film starts to rewind back to the start of the man's day, highlighting all the events that lead up to his death. Dimitrov uses effects that make it feel like the film is be rewound on a VHS tape which adds a unique style to the 9 minute film. The animation is fluid and environments are well crafted and fit well with the character designs.

Rew Day is a fresh and unique deconstruction of how a story is usually told and is definitely worth checking out. You can watch the entire short using the link below:

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