Monday, April 11, 2016

Paperman: Re-Thinking Animation

Paperman is an Oscar Winning Disney short, directed by John Kahrs.

The story of animation is both charming and heartwarming, however it is the thought behind the animations that makes this short interesting.

Arriving at Disney, Khars talks about his appreciation for the hand drawings that go into the brainstorming of animations. He points out the "expressive" marks and the "simplicity" of the drawings that make these drawings unique.

This inspired Khars to try and find a way to incorporate the drawings from the preproduction of Paperman into the CG effects that would later become the animation. CG and photorealistic animations seemed to make up the majority of content being produced nowadays. Kahrs tried to imagine an animation that could be different. Paper man carries the drawings along with the CG effects, to create a beautiful and refreshingly different film.

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