Thursday, April 7, 2016

Update on My Projects

This blog will be an update on the two projects I'm working on. The first one is a title sequence for my Program Development project, and the second will be a motion tracking one.

For my Program Development project, Turnt Trivia, I'm making a stop-motion animation where a person opens a beer bottle, the cap flips in the air, lands on a table, and then it's revealed that it says "Turnt Trivia" on it. Here's what I've done for it so far:

  • bought some brews (duh)
  • ripped the labels off
  • painted the caps blue (the color of our logo)
  • bought some wire, a mini hot glue gun, cork board, screws, L beams (finding those was quite the adventure!) and some other fun stuff for the project

Can't even tell it's Blue Moon
I'm going to animate tomorrow for a couple hours and I hope I only have to do this once! 

For my third project, I'd like to do some sort of motion tracking with face swapping. No matter how many times I do it, face swapping with another person is always hysterical to me.

I want to make a very short film (less than a minute long) where I walk up to a funny poster on a wall and open snapchat to swap faces with it. After the swap though, my face gets stuck on the poster, and the face from the poster is stuck to my body, which walks away.

I gotta say thank you to our wonderful TA Mike, who helped me conceptualize this. Next, I'm going to draw some sketches and storyboard it out.

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