Friday, April 4, 2014

A Journey through Culture

From the "Copa Sequence" in Goodfellas to Russian Ark, there is something truly beautiful and captivating about a well done single shot sequence. Recently, the Sunday Times of London released a brilliant commercial for their culture section that consists of one actors transitioning through several iconic scenes in one continuous shot. Obviously, due to the nature of such shots, extensive planning is necessary. Like a well-oiled machine, the actors, stage hands, camera man, etc, all work together to create the illusion of a seamless transition through times and space.

What I especially appreciated about this commercial is variety of media and art that was portrayed. From  Rodin's "Le Pensuer" to Madmen to Daft Punk, the commercial did a nice job of highlighting the diversity of subjects covered in the culture section of the paper. Interestingly, all of the scenes that were emulated were lit vary differently. As a result, lights had to be moved and turned on and off as the camera moved. It was also fascinating to see how the lead actor, much like a chameleon, was able to adopt the looks of several different characters while staying on camera the entire time.

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