Friday, April 11, 2014

Tips for speeding up your rendering process

So for my name project I added extruded text which completely slowed down my rendering process. It took me approximately 20 hours to render my 10 second name clip. I walked from class to class with my hard drive on top of my laptop as it continued to render. I probably slowed it down even more because I was using my laptop while in class. . . . But anyway hopefully you guys take something away from this blog and learn from my experience.

I did some research on how I could speed up the rendering process for the next time I rendered a file with heavy effects.
Of course the easiest option would be to buy more RAM for my Mac. But for now I'll use some of the options listed below.

1. Delete all unused elements
2. Pre render compositions (instead of rendering everything at once, break it down into compositions)
3. Lower resolution for the composition (instead of full put it on half,third or quarter.)
4. Control disk cache (watch tutorial below)

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