Thursday, April 10, 2014

Say hello to Helium Harvey!

Helium Harvey is a new animated short by Daniel Savage. This adorable short is about a boy's trip around the world. Harvey by accident inhales too much helium from a balloon and floats away. Harvey happily floats along like a balloon in a Macy's day parade. Although it is a short targeted for children, this short is still funny to watch considering his butt crack is out the entire time. Daniel Savage, the creator of the short, decided not to go to graduate school and instead make this short. He funded the project by himself and taught himself a few things along the way. Daniel funded the project by teaching at NYU and doing some freelance work on the side. Daniel thinks that making Helium Harvey was a decent substitute to grad school considering he felt like he learned more through his experiences making the short.
Check out my new favorite short animation, Helium Harvey!

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