Thursday, April 17, 2014

Inspiration to a career into graphic design and motion graphics CMYK+White

"White" represents education and the endless possibilities of a clean slate.
They are committed to sharing skills with the next generation of designers
in both the academic setting and through workshops. A white canvas represents incredible potential, which they at CMYK+WHITE, INC. aim to develop and push as far as they can.

The K represents the motion graphics that they bring to life. Black is a reference
to the early days of the motion picture before color technology was available.
Their motion graphics capabilities and include animation, interactive media and web design. Motion is the strongest visual pull to attention in humans. In all of our work we strive to create something that is visually appealing and meaningful.

The Y represents the branding, editorial and packaging that they design.
Yellow is said to have a stimulating impact on our memory, which is
extremely important to the success of branding. Yellow is also the color
of inspiration and energy — all of which motivate the visual experience
in each logo, magazine layout or package that they create.

“C” represents the interior and exterior spaces that they create. Cyan is a color
prominent in our natural environment — in the sky and sea. They aim to create
environments that reiterate the brand and message in a memorable way. With each space they aim to engage people with the environment and the sensory experience of moving through the space.

This is an inspiring graphic design company that everyone should strive to work for. 

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