Friday, April 25, 2014

An Effective Yet Chilling Video Game Promotion

It has been said that the things we search for on the internet leave a trail. By going to a certain site, that  generates certain ads which follow and display products based on the type of person the internet thinks you are, and markets accordingly.

Recently I came across a video-game called Watch Dogs (PS3, PS4, X-Box 1 & 360) which involves hacking other people's phones and computers for information. One of the things I've find interesting about this game, is the promotional campaign used.

The website I included takes your Facebook account and analyzes it and calculates several things about you.
  1. Your approximate net-worth
  2. Stalkers in your life
  3. People that could be used against you 
  4. Pawns in your life
  5. People you'd run to in the event you were ever pursued by authorities  
  6. Possible internet passwords 
  7. How well you can be identified 
  8. What type of person you are and how easily can you be manipulated 
  9. The times you you most uses Facebook and what times you'd be most vulnerable for an attack
While I realize that this is only part of a game I'm surprised at how surprisingly accurate some of the things this app mentioned about me, and yet I'm not. Ever since I first got my hands on an internet accessible computer, my parents continually warned me about the dangers what particular information I put out there for the world to see, since that data is never truly deleted. 

The game itself takes place in an alternate version of Chicago where the entire world is connecting by a smart phone internet like operating system. With this world wide internet system it is possible to control just about any function of the city through a smartphone.
Functions including:
Traffic Lights
City Block Power
Subway Systems
Amazing what we can do with our phones

A lot of this potential ability to access and control different internet connected functions reminds me a lot of the TV series and video game franchise of Rockman EXE (MegamanNT Warrior for you American-folk), where things were not only connecting to an all-ecompassing internet system but people were able to battle with their smartphone equivalent avatars or NetNavis. 
NetNavi Rockman/Megaman

TV Series

Not only used as a phone an for internet access, but also for
fighting computer viruses and other malignant programs that
appear is this world.
Megaman Battle Network 6
…Wow, had not idea of the connections between these two things myself.

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