Thursday, April 10, 2014


Something that seems to be used more and more frequently in all kinds of media is the art of minimalism. Now I'm not knocking minimalism, I know it's been around much longer than I have. I understand it's a trend along the lines of the "less is more" and "it's ironic because we have access to so much technology and it's cool to be ironic" phases of the 21st century. But what I can't help but feel is that some tricksters are using the concept of minimalism to hide the fact that in reality they're actually just not creative. In lieu of this entire post, I could have easily composed my stance on minimalism as follows:

Minimalism. Simple.

Oooooh, artsy. So powerful. So much is being said in so few words. Well, if that's how you perceive it. If I wrote just that, it would be because I felt lazy and didn't feel like making a blog post this week. But being the minimalist, I can argue how much I'm truly expressing in those two words. These two words actually have more meaning than two pages worth of words, if I can bullshit you into perceiving it that way. Then there's stuff like this:

This is exactly the kind of shit that gets thousands of likes on Instagram because it's sooooo artsy and creative. And obviously the artist can argue with you on how much meaning there is behind it because only he/she knows what it TRULY means, when it was actually made in 12 seconds to get likes from idiots who think there is actually some sort of artistic beauty behind it. But maybe I'm just in a bad mood.

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