Thursday, April 24, 2014

Frozen Common Sense

Continuing with my recurring theme of cynicism and get-off-my-lawn-you-whippersnappers style of posts (due to my lack of ability to create a well worded, well educating one), I saw a video recently that kind of pissed me off (WOW, alert the press). Shown below, it's an animation of characters from Disney's Frozen doing shot-for-shot Thriller dance. Now of course, in traditional internet style, this video got worldwide acclaim over the past 24 hours or so. Now of course, anything Frozen-related is bound to be popular because it's the law. It's officially written in the law books that all abiding citizens MUST gawk at ANY mention of Frozen on the internet, laugh at it for hours, and share the hell out of it on social media and NEVER, EVER shut up about it in class/at work/while having sex/while on the bus/etc. You must sing Let it Go at all times, even while sleeping. And you NEED to take every Buzzfeed quiz you see to see which Frozen character you are.

I'm getting off topic.

BUT, take the entity that is Frozen and combine it with Thriller -- WOAH!! Nostalgia!! 90's kids!! Combine something from when everything was awesome (because nothing bad happened in the 80's) and something cool on the internet from the present and you have THE BEST THING EVER. It's amazing what people see as the BEST THING EVER. This is not the BEST THING EVER. Here's why:

As pointed out in the comments of this video, chances are, this video ITSELF came to be in probably under 20 minutes. When you watch it you think, "wow! this must have taken foreverrrrr!" but no. Some guy with basic MMD knowledge took pre-made models and pre-made dance moves, downloaded them and inserted slot A into slot B, then took all the credit. The real skill, however, lies in the people that actually MADE the models to look exactly like the characters, and the people who spent hours, days, maybe weeks, tweaking the models to do each dance move motion for motion. But those people don't get the credit. There may be a small grouping of the public that knows where all of the work actually came from. But it pales in comparison to the amount of people that think one guy did all of this. Hell, some people probably credit THIS website for making it. Now this guy DOES give credit to the people that made the stuff, but that's not what I'm getting at. It's that the general public's tunnel vision sees right past all of that. Credit is never fully given where it is deserved. That's the problem of the internet-well, one of millions. It's so easy to let other people get the credit for your hard work.

So, is this video cool? Sure! Is it legendary? No. STOP OBSESSING OVER FROZEN.

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