Friday, April 4, 2014

How They Make Animals Talk

This morning I was thinking of the movie Babe, so then I decided to watch clips from the movie. One of the scenes that really interested me was the scene below.

My question was how the heck did they make the animals talk? I guess the could train them to speak English, that's not that hard. I did a little research and found that they did not train them, they used "animatronics" and digital animation. Animatronics are like puppets on steroids. They're stuffed with electronics that snake out to a control panel where a puppeteer can manipulate the creatures and make them appear to talk.

As intricate as these robots are, they're usually not convincing enough to carry all the FX shots. A good movie uses several different techniques to keep the movie-goer guessing. So they added morphing and warping to the mix. Here, the special effects crew hand-animated the frames of the movie by warping the image around the mouth of the cat. They often morphed the two techniques, animatronics and warping, together before compositing them on top of the live action.

Now ya know because it's Patricia's super short show!

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